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Call, Click and Play - It's That Simple!
Ki-Bi™ cards are unique electronic, credit-card sized devices that deliver mobile gambling content directly into the hands of your players. With Ki-Bi cards, operators can provide a quick and easy way to download their mobile gambling applications. Players just call a designated phone number, press a button on the Ki-Bi card and the content is delivered instantly to their phone - it's that simple!

Ki-Bi cards eliminate many of the difficulties associated with extending a business to mobile. In addition to easy delivery of content, Ki-Bi cards can be used to deliver GPRS settings, direct to a users phone, overcoming one of the most common barriers faced by operators today.

Ki-Bi Benefits
  • Simple Download Process
  • New Distribution Channel for Mobile
  • Reinforces Brand Loyalty
  • Dynamic Content Enabled
  • Back-office Tracking
  • Viral Marketing Opportunities

This exclusive product is a simple and practical means to overcome the major hurdles facing operators in the mobile gambling market by providing easy gambling application distribution. Both the convenience and attractiveness of the Ki-Bi card gives operators a competitive edge towards maximizing new revenue-generating opportunities in the growing mobile environment.

To learn more about this exciting product, please contact our sales team.

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