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Engaging the Lottery Industry

The traditional lottery market is at a crossroads. Profits are declining and there is a pressing need to retain current players as well as find new players. This plight creates a huge opportunity. Spin3's unparalleled solution allows you to make a quick turn onto the interactive entertainment expressway while complementing your land-based operation. Moving lottery onto a widespread interactive platform is a natural segue and partnering with m-Gaming's market leader is an ideal way to get into the fast lane and capture this opportunity.

Over the past five years, Spin3 has built a sterling reputation and pristine track record by putting our customers first. Most notably, we have helped our customers with erudite business acumen and interactive mobile gaming solutions, including the award winning GameWire™ software and patent-pending SpinLoc™ security system. Now, Spin3 has developed LottoSpin, a proprietary patent-pending system that fully supports state and government run lotteries worldwide. Coupled with a strong dominant mobile system, this is the preeminent interactive lottery solution.

The Winning Ticket: LottoSpin
LottoSpin enables you to extend your offering, expand your player-base, and ultimately boost your revenues. The integrated LottoSpin solution supports variable payment methods, be it via interactive mobile channels or traditional land-based destinations. When players purchase lotto tickets on mobile, our special geo tracking tool ensures that tickets are only sold within state lines to legal residents of your jurisdiction. Our solution not only provides you with an interactive lottery platform, but also equips you with award-winning, instant win games that can be fully customized to meet your specifications. All this is sure to keep your players entertained anytime, anywhere.

Key Considerations
  • Is mobile secure enough to handle lotteries?
  • Why is Spin3's LottoSpin your best bet?
  • How will mobile complement the lottery industry's current offering?

A Lot of Solutions for Lottery
Lotteries considering going mobile are toying with the idea of opening a floodgate on a dam of untapped revenues. But unlike other companies that provide only a mobile platform, Spin3's LottoSpin is a total interactive lottery solution that uniquely fits into your current offering.

Leverage Your Existing Physical Distribution and Sales Infrastructure
LottoSpin supports your current, land-based offering.Arguably, one of the most pressing issues for lotteries that want to go mobile is what happens with all the vendors that seemingly serve no more need? LottoSpin's approach is exactly the opposite. LottoSpin does not take away their important role in the lottery industry, but rather empowers them via our integrated solution that supports your current, land-based offering. This in itself creates the ultimate win-win situation.

Expanding to interactive channels will enable you to acquire new kinds of players and retain them better, because now you know who everyone is and are able to track every single purchase. Therefore, you can engage and retain players on an individual basis by customizing game-based promotions and activities, sweepstakes and raffles, and even third-party advertisements right within the intuitive mobile application. Bottom line: your players will stay with you longer and be more loyal, while your revenues skyrocket.

Trust in Mobile Technology
The world's largest banks and financial institutions are all offering mobile applications, so from a security perspective, mobile technology is fully able to handle the rigorous security measures that the lottery industry needs in order to launch lottery onto mobile. Furthermore, Spin3 has created SpinLoc™, the most secure system available for wireless gaming platforms.

On the technology side, we can easily make major adaptations or the slightest tweaks to meet your needs for your market so that you are fully compliant and meet the required regulations in your jurisdiction.

From a service point of view, Spin3 has extensive experience in servicing the mobile interactive market including: players' retention services, processing solutions, call centers and other services complimenting the m-Commerce space. And since Spin3 takes a proactive approach to partnerships, you will reap the benefits every step of the way: from due-diligence to integration – from launch to revenue stage, Spin3 is with you every step of the way.

If you want to boost your lottery revenues, Spin3 is uniquely positioned at the forefront of the interactive gaming industry and is ready to partner with you. We have local partners in all the major markets in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, so no matter where your business is situated, we can create a winning ticket for you!

To learn how our mobile solutions can seamlessly fit your needs and open a door to exceptional possibilities, write to us at

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