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The Complete Interactive and Mobile Lottery Solution
Discover a whole new revenue stream by bringing your lottery business into the interactive and mobile gaming market with LottoSpin.

With lotteries constantly looking for new ways to grow revenues, it is only logical to offer players, as well as prospective players, the means to do so via their closest technological ally – their mobile phone. But LottoSpin is more than just a mobile game; LottoSpin is a total solution for interactive lotteries, with four integrated modules that seamlessly work together to form one very compelling product.

In addition to a fully-regulated lottery solution, LottoSpin offers a wide range of customizable instant-win mobile games. Keno, Lotto Bonanza, Scratchers and many more games from Spin3's award-winning portfolio will be available for lottery operators to offer their players. Moreover, LottoSpin is fully supported by over 2,000 mobile devices, including iPhone®, BlackBerry®, and Android™, which means that virtually all of your clientele can enjoy our games on the go. And with an ever growing propensity of people looking for new means of entertainment, LottoSpin is the perfect solution for companies looking to take their game up a notch.

LottoSpin's Modular Approach Yields Success
LottoSpin is an end-to-end interactive lottery solution that bridges the traditional lottery industry with the interactive entertainment world. To that end, LottoSpin is built on four interconnected modules.

Point of sale management system Module 1 | Point of Sale Management System: This system allows vendors to sell players electronic games face-to-face directly to their mobile phones. In addition, vendors can print up secure login credential slips that allow players to play on our Online Playing System module.
Mobile application Module 2 | Mobile Application: Once in the system, players can then go on and make purchases directly from their mobile, with revenues attributed to the original vendor.
Online playing interface Module 3 | Online Playing Interface: LottoSpin also allows players to buy credits at physical locations and then use these virtual credits online when they wish to play. Winnings can flow back into the player's account, be redeemed at the point of sale, or a combination of both.
Back-Office system Module 4 | Back-Office System: Merging these three modules into the LottoSpin solution is our strong, robust Back-Office System that not only monitors, reports, and processes payments, but also features a rich business intelligence tracking tool that aides in the overall management of the LottoSpin solution. Simply put, this seamless multi-tiered business solution spells success.
LottoSpin is modular approach
Key Features
  • Compelling Offering: Bridges the traditional, land-based lottery market with the interactive, mobile entertainment market.
  • Robust Management System: Full back-office management system that supports your current payment methods while adding new, interactive payment solutions.
  • Age Verification: Unique software ensures only players of legal age can access the suite of games.
  • Secured Geo-based Transactions: Real-time user location identification ensures purchases are made within legal jurisdiction.
  • Secure Application: Boosts player confidence with SpinLoc™ security, a patent-pending system that stores sensitive account information on a separate server without affecting performance.
  • eCOGRAResponsible Gaming: Spin3 is a certified member of eCOGRA, and has the ability to allow sale limits per player.
And with Spin3's customer-first attitude, this is only the beginning. Spin3 is a full partner to its clients, supporting them with set up, launch and marketing, as well as offering ongoing support and consultancy on every step along the way.

Go with the leader... go with Spin3. Contact us at and we'll be glad to show you the way.

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The Spin3 system we have selected is technically robust, simple to use, and highly entertaining and fun to play.
Mary Wise
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