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Make Sports Betting a Sure Bet
With nonstop sporting action spanning the globe, Spin³ is proud to take sports betting to the next level with SpinSport™. The unique SpinSport mobile system empowers your users to bet anytime, anywhere on a wide-range of sporting events via their handsets.

The SpinSport application was specifically created as a pure native app for the leading smartphones including iPhone, iPod and iPad. All this ensures a far superior end-user experience, as the application fits any handset like a glove.

In addition, SpinSport was built with the industry’s best practices in mind, such as a secured SSL, GEO-location mechanism and a sophisticated events search engine; moreover, it comes complete with a wide range of betting options, including live betting. The actual front-end UI was designed by a team of mobile experts and sports fans to provide the most intuitive and shortest route possible for a user to place a bet.

And with SpinSport’s robust betting engine and back-office system firmly in place, you can sit back and enjoy the taste of victory.

Score Big with SpinSport
  • Powerful Betting Engine: SpinSport supports a wealth of international sporting events with multiple betting options, including live betting.
  • Personalised Experience: Favourite sports and search results are sorted according to the user’s last placed bets, which enables users to easily find desired games.
  • Mobile Advantage: Extend your game to mobile and get a competitive edge with Spin³’s vast experience and expertise in the mobile gaming industry.
  • The Apple Edge: The SpinSport app is distributed via the Apple App Store.
  • Location Service: Locates the exact location of the device to ensure that bets are placed only within the authorized jurisdictions.
  • Dynamic Messaging: Enables you to message users directly with specific promotions and live betting options.
  • Cross Marketing: Allows easy and seamless integration with our award-winning GameWire mobile casino system.
  • Intuitive Front-end: Fully functional front-end handles everything from sign-up and registration to bet placement, banking and withdrawing.
  • Robust Back-end: Full back-end seamlessly integrates into existing platforms and handles different feed formats, betting options and systems.
Go with the leader... go with Spin3. Contact us at and we'll be glad to show how to turn mobile sports betting into a sure bet!

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