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The Wireless Market

Spin3 is Uniquely Positioned at the Forefront of this Burgeoning Market
The wireless casino market is steadily positioning itself as one of the hottest and most talked about markets worldwide. In its latest report on the Mobile Gambling Markets, Juniper Research shows that mobile gamers made nearly 100 million casino plays last year alone. In addition, the UK-based analyst house predicts that this budding market will surpass the US$16 billion mark by 2011.

Analysts report that today's big buzz is around mobile casino games:
  • Visually rich, technologically accessible mobile casino games can be easily downloaded and played on a variety of handsets, making mobile gaming one of the most talked about mobile entertainment services.
  • Worldwide, mobile casino gaming traffic is expected to rapidly grow, as analysts predict that mobile gamers will register over 750 million casino plays in 2009.
  • It is estimated that by the end of 2007, the global gambling market is expected to generate nearly US$3 billion in revenues and climb to over US$16 billion in revenues by the end of 2011.

Consumers almost always have their mobile devices with them. Consequently, the mobile channel provides the ideal opportunity to deliver casino games directly into the hands of your players. Thanks to the convenience of mobile devices and the rapid market penetration, the wireless medium is proving to be a unique opportunity to enlarge any enterprises player-base, reach new markets and exponentially grow a casino business through leveraging the enormous growth in global m-Commerce.

Spin3 is uniquely positioned to let you take advantage of the wireless gaming explosion and to seize the opportunities at hand.

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Mobile gambling wagers – including mobile casino, lottery and betting services - will surpass $48bn worldwide by 2015.
Juniper Research

We chose Spin3 to market and distribute this product because of its extensive experience in the online casino industry.
Dion Hatton

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